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Speeding tickets are one of the most common ways the average motorcyclist encounters the court system. When you know how to get this citation off your driving record, you can avoid paying fines or seeing changes to your insurance.

How to Remove Speeding Tickets from Your Driving Record

Speeding tickets can cause our motorcycle insurance costs to rise. They also impact your other policies if you have vehicles that you regularly drive.

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One speeding ticket could cause your insurance premiums to rise to 20% if you were cited for driving 15 miles per hour over the posted limit. If the ticket is for going 30mph or more over, the policy could cost 40% or more than before.

The best way to avoid paying higher rates is to avoid getting tickets. If you’ve already received one, the next step is to take one or more of these steps.

1. Take a Defensive Driving Class

Some tickets and citations can be dismissed when you pass a defensive driving class. Most states allow this option as a one-time chance to keep something off your driving record. They’re available in California, Texas, Florida, and other locations.

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The course must be state approved to qualify for ticket removal. Time requirements and costs can vary, so speak with your Department of Motor Vehicles.

2. Request a Deferral

In most jurisdictions, this option prevents the ticket from appearing on your driving record for a year. The court finds you guilty of the infraction, so fines need to be paid. An additional fee could be part of an approved request.

Both items typically appear on your driving record if you receive another citation within the deferral period.

3. Delay the Process

Request a court date for your speeding ticket. Most require a few months to work their way through the system. You can also request continuances to stall things for up to a year. If the officer cannot appear, you can ask for the citation to be dismissed.

4. Request Mitigation

Mitigation won’t necessarily stop speeding tickets from appearing on your record, but it could reduce the fine. Motorcyclists without citations for several years sometimes have this option when going to court. You’ll need to plead guilty, explain the circumstances, and request leniency.

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5. Talk to the Clerk of Court

Some jurisdictions give this role permission to change speeding tickets to non-moving violations. Deferrals or defensive driving classes might be offered to help keep the citation from appearing on your record.

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This option keeps you out of the courtroom, but you’ll still need to pay fines and court costs. Your local courthouse can give you info on what is available.

6. Fight the Speeding Ticket

You must plead not guilty to the citation for this option to start. The legal system allows you to argue about speeding tickets by yourself or an attorney. Most motorcyclists reserve this option for serious offenses, but only 5% of drivers go this route.

Read your citation carefully. If any of the information is wrong, you can request a dismissal.

How to Get Out-of-State Speeding Tickets Off Your Record

The processes for getting out-of-state speeding tickets off your driving record are the same as the steps to take locally. That makes it challenging to attend a court date or make in-person appearances as requested.

It is often cheaper in the long run to pay the ticket, and the corresponding motorcycle insurance cost increases, especially if you’d need to fly across the country for a court appearance.

You can submit information in writing to the Clerk of Court to request options in some jurisdictions. At the end of the day, the easiest way to avoid this issue is to follow the speed limit while riding.

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