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Motorcycle and vehicle thefts get ranked in the same class by the Insurance Information Institute. Fewer than 20% of the bikes and cars that get stolen each year have the individual responsible found and prosecuted for the crime.

If you don’t have motorcycle insurance, you can only report the theft to the police. You’ll be asked to file a report, provide identification information about the motorcycle, and wait to see if it turns up.

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You’ll want your title, pictures, and a detailed description that includes custom or aftermarket changes to be part of the report.

What If I See Someone on My Motorcycle?

There are times when motorcyclists have found someone riding or storing their bikes while going about their day’s business. It might be tempting to reclaim your property, but the best thing to do is to contact the police.

Don’t try to handle the matter yourself. You don’t know what the situation might be, even if the motorcycle seems like it is out in the open.

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You can dial 911 in this situation to report the incident. If your case has been assigned to a detective, you might be advised to contact that person directly.

Motorcycle Stolen, But No Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive insurance coverage protects your motorcycle from events or incidents beyond your control. That includes having someone steal the bike.

Comprehensive coverage might also protect stolen custom parts and some accessories, depending on the insurer and your policy. Your gear, helmet, or even a sidecar might be covered.

If you don’t have comprehensive coverage, there won’t be a way to submit a claim for the loss. That means you will not receive a payout for the motorcycle’s market value, less the deductible.

The stolen motorcycle becomes a financial loss that you take. Your only option is to deliver ownership proof so that your local police can identify and return the bike if it’s found.

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How to Add Comprehensive Insurance to My Policy

You must contact your current carrier or agent if you want to add comprehensive insurance to your existing motorcycle policy.

Comprehensive and collision insurance are considered optional by the industry. You’ll need to request its addition through the policies and procedures of your insurer. Although this action will increase your rates, you’ll also have protection against theft and other events outside your control.

If you store your motorcycle through the winter, a comprehensive policy protects the bike from fire, flooding, and other environmental issues that could cause damage. It also allows you to file a claim if someone steals it.

You don’t need to add collision insurance to have comprehensive coverage with most insurance companies. The primary exception would be if you financed the motorcycle’s purchase. In that case, the lender would require full coverage, including liability.

It might be tempting to avoid comprehensive insurance for a motorcycle to save some money, but it only takes one theft to trigger a financial loss. You’ll want to weigh the value of replacing your bike with the monthly or annual premium cost to see if this protection is proper for you.

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