Mountain Bike Insurance

Mountain bikes started to become a real phenomenon in the late 1980s and their popularity has continued ever since. With more people owning mountain bikes, it raises the question of whether mountain bike insurance is a real necessity.

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Why Do I Need Coverage for My Mountain Bike?

Affordable Mountain Bike CoverageWhile this form of insurance is not mandatory, it is considered necessary for those who ride mountain bikes along the hills, steep paths and other outdoor locations. This is because the personal injury rate for riding a mountain bike under these conditions is considerable. Plus, mountain bikes are often damaged when ridden across rough terrain and there is the strong possibility of theft as well.

A mountain bike also represents a considerable investment, especially for the top of the line models, so having insurance protection is only natural for those who ride them more than occasionally. Statistics show that active riders are more vulnerable to injury and property damage which a low cost insurance policy may cover. This is why having insurance for mountain bikes is considered paramount.

Types of Mountain Bike Insurance and Benefits:

There are several different policies for mountain biking insurance. Each of them offers benefits that can pay off in case of an accident.

Accidental Crash & Damage: This is the most common form of insurance for mountain bikes. Here, you will be protected in case of damage to your bike and any property damage that might be caused as well.

Theft: Mountain bike theft insurance is relatively inexpensive and provides excellent protection in case your bike is stolen. However, it may only cover your bike in certain locations such as your home, so read the stipulations of the policy first.

Stranded Cyclist: If you cannot leave your location, having this insurance will provide assistance when you need it.

Optional Rider Injury: In case someone else is riding your bike, they can be covered as well.

There is also rental reimbursement, coverage for shipping, helmet replacement and more. Each insurance company has their own coverage programs for your consideration. Choosing the right policy starts with the value of your bike, the number of times that you ride it and if it is vulnerable to being stolen. You’ll want to make all of these considerations before choosing the right policy for your needs.

Finding Affordable Bike Insurance:

To find the best mountain bike insurance, you will need to do a little research that starts with insurance companies that offer this type of program.

Free Quotes: You can look for free quotes which are often based on the value of the bike itself. Getting mountain bike insurance quotes for the policy you want is a fast way to find the best deal.

Discounts: There are a number of discounts that you can earn from the insurance company ranging from taking an approved safety course to carrying anti-theft protection to wearing the right gear for riding a mountain bike to reduce injury. Check with your insurance company to see where you can save money with approved discounts.

In fact, riding without the approved gear or leaving your bike vulnerable to theft may raise your insurance rates. So check out the different insurance companies to find the right coverage for your mountain bike.

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