MotoCross Insurance – All You Need to Know!

When it comes to riding your motorcycle, it is important to have the proper insurance so that you are financially protected in case of an accident. While motorcycle insurance is mandatory in 47 of the 50 states, (check here if your state requires a motorcycle insurance) there is the option to carry motocross insurance if you engage in that sports activity.

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I have Motorcycle Insurance, Do I Need Motocross Coverage as well?

You Can Purchase Right Motocross Insurance and Save on PremiumsMotocross is considered an extreme sport which tests the mind, body and motorcycle. While motocross insurance is not mandatory in any state, it has become widely available thanks to the popularity of the sport and the need for financial coverage in case an accident should occur.

If you participate regularly in motocross events, then it is recommended that you obtain this type of insurance because it goes above and beyond what typical motorcycle insurance can provide. In order to know if you need motocross track insurance, you will have to answer the following questions;

  • How often do you ride your motocross bike?
  • Where is your bike stored?
  • What are the means of transportation?
  • How many motocross events do you participate in during the year?

If you rarely ride your bike, keep it in a very safe place, transport inside a secure trailer and participate in events very infrequently, say once a year or less, then you probably can do without the motocross bike insurance as your risk levels are very low. This is especially true if you have enough money to cover most repairs and health insurance that covers your trip to the hospital. Some motocross events will also cover participants in terms of injuries sustained depending on the sponsor and the arrangement.

However, if you are a frequent participant in motocross events, then you will need the specific motocross accident insurance coverage. Finding the right insurance plan will mean looking over your situation when it comes to participating in motocross events and adjusting it for your specific needs.

Types of Motocross Insurance:

To find the right type of insurance for motocross will mean addressing the primary concerns that you have about coverage. The best insurance policy will be focused on the greatest need in case something should happen while fitting into your budget.

There are four types of insurance coverage plans for motocross and each of them has their specific attributes.

  • Comprehensive: Everything from vandalism, theft and acts of nature covered.
  • Collision: This will pay for damages to your bike regardless of who is at fault.
  • Medical Payment: If you do not have health insurance, then this is definitely a must.
  • Accessory: If you carry any special accessories, this will cover them

Choosing the right insurance for motocross bikes will depend on your specific needs. You will need to take into account what situation your bike is most vulnerable and base your decision on that.

Comprehensive is the most expensive, but it also covers more instances of potential damage or theft than any other insurance. However, if you have expensive accessories that you use in association with your bike, then you may want coverage for that. Collision is the most typical as this is one of the leading causes of serious damage in motocross racing.

Whatever type of coverage that you choose, remember that you will need to be honest about your participation in the sport and in particular your accident history and previous claims. An insurance company may decide to drop you from their coverage if they find out you lied on your application form.

How Much Motocross Insurance Do I Need?

Now that you know the different types, the next step is deciding which level of coverage is best for your needs. The considerations start with the value of your bike and accessories that need to be covered. If you do not have health insurance, then you may want to consider motocross injury insurance as well. Once you have assessed what you have, the next step is what will fit your budget.

Generally speaking, you should carry enough motocross track insurance to cover your bike and accessories in case of a total loss as well as having collision insurance. However, this can be quite expensive if you do not compete frequently. You can save money on your premiums by having enough in your bank account to cover the deductible, so that will help in finding the best policy for your needs.

Plus, you may also save money if you lock up your bike safely between races as well as having a proper trailer or transportation device that limits the damage that may occur in an accident. It pays to check with insurance companies to see what discounts they offer.

How to Find Affordable Motocross Insurance?

You can find the best rate online by going to the companies that offer motocross insurance and getting a free quote. Many of the websites will have insurance for extreme sports like motocross and will ask you to fill out certain questions and then will provide a free quote. There is no personal or contact information involved, you only need to put in the parameters of the coverage needed so that you can receive an accurate quote without worrying about making any type of commitment. We are offering instant motocross insurance quotes from online which are free of cost.

You should go to several websites and get quotes for the type of insurance that you need and compare them before making a final decision. Companies that offer free quotes are generally the ones you should go to first because they provide you with the means of making fair comparisons without taking up much in the way of time.

Once you have gone over all the free quotes, then you should have enough information to make the best choice as to the right insurance company for your needs. Insurance for motocross racers is not mandatory, but it is highly desirable in a sport where accidents, injuries and repairs are quite frequent. If you compete in motocross on a regular basis, then it pays to get the right type of insurance that meets your needs financially when it comes to having proper coverage.

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