How to Obtain Cheaper Motorcycle Insurance at 19

Being 19 years old and looking for motorcycle insurance most often means paying as much as double compared to a 30-year-old driver. There are several reasons why, but the most common reason motorcycle insurance for 19-year-old drivers is expensive is the lack of experience which leads to more accidents.


The good news is that there are ways to make your insurance payments more affordable if you follow a few tips. Here are five simple ways you can obtain affordable motorbike insurance that offers a considerably reduced price.

Take a Driving Safety Course

Young Driver Bike Driving CourseBy taking a motorcycle safety course that is recognized by the insurance company, you can save from 5% to 15% on your premiums. The safety course provides valuable instruction and experience that is a big reason why your premiums at 19 are so high. The course will provide you with valuable safety tips that will help prevent certain accidents from occurring.

Bundle with Other Insurance

This is a common tactic for those who own a vehicle, boat, or home. While not too many 19-year-old motorcycle riders own a home, for those who own a vehicle they may be able to combine the insurance with one company that will help reduce premiums by 5% to 10%.

Larger Deductible

Another simple way to reduce the premiums is by getting a bigger deductible. The larger the deductible, the lower the premiums will be. The downside is that you must pay more out of pocket to repair the bike, but it is more than worth the risk if you have the money available. Most people can save up a few hundred dollars in a short time, so be sure you can put that money back just in case.

Ride a Smaller Bike

You are statistically more likely to get into an accident riding a bike that has a motor larger than 125cc. By purchasing a bike with a smaller engine, you can save a considerable amount on your insurance. Keep in mind that insurance companies rely on statistics when making their premiums, so it is best that your first bike has a smaller engine which may reduce your payments by 5% to 20%.

Limit Your Riding Time

One of the most overlooked ways that 19-year-olds can save money on the type of motorcycle insurance they have purchased is by limiting their riding time on the bike. Many bike riders put their bikes away starting in the late fall and do not start riding again until spring.

The months that your bike stays in the storage means that you can have your premiums discounted for that purpose. After all, you cannot get into an accident if your bike remains locked up securely in the garage. This type of discount may save you upwards of 30%, or more depend on how long your bike is securely stored.

You should check with your insurance company or agent to see what other discounts are available. Remember, the more discounts you use; the lower your insurance premiums will be.

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