Choosing Right Motorcycle Insurance Coverage at 19

When it comes to finding the best motorcycle insurance for 19 year old drivers, the first step will be evaluating the different policies that are available. You also need to know how much coverage is enough for you and this makes the selection of right type of policy easier.


Cost of Motorcycle Insurance for 19 Year Old:

Choose Suitable Type of Motorcycle Insurance at 19 and Save on PremiumIt’s no secret that the motorcycle insurance average cost 19 year old is much higher than a 30 year old driver with the same type of bike and driving record. This is because statistics show that 19 year olds lack the driving experience to make them as safe a driver as their older counterparts. So it is no surprise that their insurance may be $1,000 per year or much higher depending on other factors.

Types of Motorcycle Insurance for 19 Year Old:

There are a number of different types of affordable bike insurance at 19. However, each of them has their own unique coverage which should be evaluated before making the decision to purchase. You will want to compare the policies of different insurance companies first to choose the most affordable.

Comprehensive Physical Damage Insurance: This is the type of insurance that many motorcycle operators get, particularly if they had to use a loan to purchase the bike. Comprehensive means that the physical damage to the motorcycle is covered no matter the fault and it is also the most expensive insurance around.

Collision Insurance: Damage due to a collision is covered with this type of insurance policy. This is less expensive than comprehensive, but also more limited and does not cover other types of damage or theft of the motorcycle.

Accessory Coverage: If you have valuable accessories on your motorcycle, then having this policy will cover them in case of damage or theft. Accessory coverage is often overlooked, but is quite valuable if you have made modifications to your bike.

Roadside Assistance: This is an often overlooked policy, but it can be quite valuable as it can greatly reduce the complications that occur when a motorcycle breaks down. Read more about the benefits and features and this type of policy.

Bodily Injury and Property Damage Liability Insurance: In most states this is the minimum coverage required along with uninsured. Liability covers the other person and their property in case the accident was your fault. Liability insurance tends to be quite low and affordable as compared to comprehensive.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage: This policy kicks in when the other driver who is at fault does not have insurance or not enough insurance to cover your expenses. Like liability, this is a relatively low cost insurance policy that is required in most states.

Theft Insurance: This is a popular one as motorcycles are prime targets for thieves. Installing the proper protection such as anti-theft devices, lock and chains while storing the bike inside the garage will substantially lower the price of the insurance policy.

In getting the proper coverage, the motorcycle insurance cost for 19 year old will be a prime consideration that must be balanced with having the right protection.

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